Whether it's a room, apartment, condo or house, ADDless Organizing Interiors provides customized moving services in Toronto, and more. We offer expert guidance in all areas of organizing and tidying and will provide all the tools you need to organize, pack, and assist with your moving and storage solutions. We will also unpack for you, making your entire move a seamless transition.

Moving is the perfect time to plan and organize your household belongings so you can sort what matters most to you and your family and discard items that no longer serve a purpose. By "joy checking" what you want to take with you before you pack, it will save you the time, expense, and energy that it would otherwise take to pack and haul the entire contents of your household to your new home. It’s time to let go of the things that collect dust, that you forgot you had, or that you no longer need or want.

Need moving services in Toronto? Let me help you put a solid relocation plan in motion.

Ideal for:

Planning a move
Seeking change
Fulfilling a dream
Starting a new venture
Starting a new chapter
Welcoming a bundle of joy!
• Creating more space

Stress LESS,
ADD simple!


$450/5 hours
$1250/15 hours
$2500/30 hours


Off-peak discounts available