“I made a commitment to declutter my house in May 2017 after both my daughters moved their belongings back home from university. I bought Marie Kondo’s best selling books and started the work on my own following her advice. After two months I made very little progress because I was overwhelmed, frustrated, and not disciplined enough.  Determined to get it done, I decided to solicit Anne’s help. What a difference she has made!

To me Anne was a KonMarie consultant, a decluttering buddy, and my biggest cheerleader. She was non-judgemental, patient, respectful, and full of ideas and suggestions. She helped and encouraged me to completely declutter my house, top to the bottom. Most importantly, she introduced a new way of life to me, a simple, organized, and appreciative way of life, a way that sparks joy. 

The biggest bonus of this project is that my kids, who participated along the way, have learned to keep their areas clean, tidy and organized as well!

Thank you Anne for being there for me and helping me going through this process. I love my decluttered house and enjoy every moment in it!” -Jennifer


“Dear Anne

I am very happy with the way you helped me organize my home using the Konmari method. When my husband and I decided to down size to a one bedroom apartment, you taught me that everything had a place, even though it was limited, which in turn saves me money now, by not having to buy duplicates. I would definitely recommend you to my family and friends.” -Jane


“Anne is devoted to helping her clients achieve their goals. She has the ability to divide a big project into a smaller, manageable step-by-step process that is easy to follow. You’ll be supported through it all by a professional who genuinely finds joy in your success. At the start it was not easy to make my own decisions. By the end of the process my decision making was effortless. Not just in discerning what sparks joy in my closet, but in my daily life, too.” -Natalie


“My life has been lifted.  I am more efficient with my time and self-motivated because of not having my clutter linger in my space and in my mind. Everyday when I get ready for work or enter into my home I am greeted with gratitude and lightness and love. I now understand why I don't need to hold onto things for the wrong reason. 

Anne, thank you for introducing me to this new way of living.” -V.B.