I work one-on-one with clients using the KonMari Method of
decluttering and organizing, creating a tidy home that sparks joy.

The method is based on the very principal: where everything has a place, is easy to maintain, once and for all. I love being a part of helping people transform their lives. 

Wellness - “Home Detox” clearing out your home is more than decluttering. It adds an instant understanding of who you are, by eliminating the toxins in your home. The process is not only about tidying, it's more importantly about reconnecting yourself and re-energizing your life.

ADHD - You know exactly what you need to do, but you can't seem to get started, so you avoid it. Does this sound familiar? If you or your loved one struggle with the symptoms of ADHD such as; unable to stay focus, easily distracted, unable to stay on task. Be it, trying to find misplaced papers, filing them, de-cluttering your work or living space or losing your keys, again. I get the frustration. However, there's good news! I offer the support you need with compassion and understanding, increased productivity and efficiency and utilizing creativity are added with less distractions. It's all about taking charge for your life and finally making a change you need. Let's have a quick chat, so I can get a handle on what's driving YOU crazy!

Ideal For:

• Current Home
• Moving in Together
• Downsizing
• Estate Planning
• Having a Baby
• Going Through a Divorce
• Classroom Setup
• Office Planning
• Kids and Toys
• Teenagers

Services & Rates


$255/3 hours
$395/5 hours
$1150/15 hours
$2150/30 hours